The Beavers

The Beavers –

  • Best Beaver
  • Captain Beaver
  • Private Beaver
  • Big Beaver

Best Beaver was first to arrive - he travelled across the sea from Canada several years ago. Captain was discovered by his humans in Disneyland and really wanted to join the family. So they brought him home. Big Beaver was found in Toronto Airport and Private Beaver just arrived after one of his humans met him in a shop.


Here are some pictures of the Beavers as they travel round the world . . .

A Beaver is not just for Christmas

Christmas 2013 saw a new Beaver arrive - a Christmas Beaver. The humans were shopping in a store called Homebase when, suddenly, a Beaver on the shelf started to sing. So they took him home (fully paid for and Nectar points earned of course) where he took pride of place on the Christmas Creature Mat.


Unlike the other Beavers he hibernates through most of the year and only comes out from November to January. But during those three months he has a busy schedule singing almost every day.