The adventures of Wol, Kanga, Roo & Sheraton

(not to mention the rest of the family)

This page is our family diary when we tell you all the important things that happen to us. We are great travellers and enjoy day trips in the car, train rides, journeys by bus and coach and, of course, staying away in nice places. Kanga is the navigator and chooses the method of travel and the route. Sometimes he has to find out what is happening on the roads; there is a brilliant website called Frixo that can help with up-to-date traffic reports - try it here.

Another Holiday


Some of the family have been to Sidmouth and West Bay for a short holiday. We visited the Donkey Sanctuary, Bicton Park and the beach. Tedz met up with Sir Walter Raleigh and sat on his sword. He has promised not to do it again - it made his bum sore!

Kanga's Grand Tour 2017

Day 1: We arrived safe but tired. De flite wuz guud but a bit late. It wus a very bumpy take off due to someone called Doris. Roo don't like Doris but Tedz thought it wuz fun.


Day 2: It rained. We rested. Roo sang. Tonto tomorrow. K


Day 3: We went on a bus and then the Gogo trayen too Tonto today. Weez staying at de Marryott which is noice. The Yooman went too the art gallery too meat is friend Roots then we went fora walk to exploor. It wuz very cold. K


Day 4: It wuz snowing when we went out this morning. We went too Tim Hortons for brekkfast. Then we went too the Union stayshun to catch the trayen back.


Day 5: We took Roo to the zoo today. He liked the dragon. Tedz wantz too be a panda and he climbed a banyan tree - sorry Wol.


Day 6: We rested today cuz de Yooman went shoppin. Then they went for pancakes.


Day 7: We went too a Chinese buffay for lunch then we went to see Aunty Annes new partment. It wuz nice an we liked de view. We then went too the Peterborough zoo where Tedz tried too climb a totem pole. Roo was appy cuz he saw a cappybura. K


Day 8: After brunch we went too a place called Bukkhorn. We went too a wine shopp an taysted lotz of wines which wuz guud. Then we went too the Canadian Canoo mooseum where I met a flat beaver an Tedz learnt that Canada comes from the native word Kanata which means a village or meeting place. K


Day 9: Today wuz cold. We went too Tim Hortons for brekkfast and Kanga supervised de drive threw. Then we went shopping. Tedz


Day 10: We went too the Market. It wuz very cold. Then we went too a sinnyma too see Amadeus. It wuz very sad cuz he died. Then wee went to see a frozen lake. K


Day 11: Weez onrway too Tonto. Weez gott sum

noo frenndz. They iz reffugeez.


Day 12: Weez add a bizzy day. We went too the Toronto aquarium an saw an octypuss and sharks and Tedz found Nemo. Then we looked at sum vintage trayens. This evening we went to Tontos birthday party at City Hall. K


Day 13: We had q quiet day today cuz it rained. We went too de Eaton Shoppin Centre in de afternoon then too de theatre in the evening. We say the world premiere of Sousatzka which iz here before goin too Broadway. It wuz guud.

The great day out

Kanga took Roo, Wol and Tedz on a train trip to Windsor. Unfortunately, the Queen was not at home so she missed her opportunity to meet Wol. But they all had a great time - even if Tedz did sit on the grass next to a sign telling him not to!

Aunty Anne's Visit

Aunty Anne came all the way from Canada to visit her family in England. Visitors are very welcome because there are lots of family outings - to caves in Cheddar, a castle in Banwell, Glastonbury Tor, Weymouth and lots of other places. Have a look at the holiday snaps - we are pleased with them and are sure you will like them.

Winnie's 2016 holiday

Winnie has been on holiday - a whole week near Dartmouth. He stayed in a place called Eeyore's Cottage where his friend Christopher Robin used to live. Of course, he took all of his family with him and they had a wonderful time on the local steam railways, at Dartmouth castle, at Buckfast Abbey and in the local tea shops.

Kanga by the weir

Kanga has been visiting Bath Parade Gardens. He wanted to listen to Keynsham Brass Band because he enjoys loud music played by trombones - it must be so much fun to sit on one and slide in and out. And, of course, Roo joined in everything and sang at the top of his voice.


During the break Kanga had a look round the park and found that there was a big and noisy weir. He really wanted to ride over the weir in a barrel but his human would only let him sit and watch the water.

Wol and Seal's birthday

Wol and Seal share a birthday with Mark who is one of their humans. This year Wol is ten. Seal is nine. The human isn't telling! For a birthday treat they went to West Bay and to the Donkey Sanctuary. Then as another treat they stayed in Banwell Castle which is in North Somerset. During this treat they sailed on the MV Balmoral to Penarth and then travelled on to the Brecon Beacons for a trip on the mountain railway. And as a surprise bonus - a trip to Cardiff Bay and the Wales Millenium Centre. Here are some of their pictures:

Royal International Air Tattoo

Some of the family have been to the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford. As usual they have brought back some pictures and now they want to share them. Here they are:

Cotswold Airport

Kanga loves aeroplanes. So he spent his Mayday Bank Holiday at Cotswold Airport. His humans were allowed a very excellent breakfast in the AV8 Restaurant while kanga took charge of every landing and take-off. There were some really big planes, some helicopters and one delightful little plan that looked like a bicycle with wings - he wants it.


Kanga has told his humans that he will go to Cotswold Airport every Bank Holiday.

Kanga spent quite a bit of time in front of the Control Tower - well, he is in charge of all navigation. His humans wondered where the radar was. With Kanga's ears? Who needs radar?


Tedz came on the vist just for fun. He managed to work up his royal connections - and he's sitting on the plaque to prove it!

Kanga meets Gromit

Kanga has been to Bristol - he likes money and he had received a cheque so he went to his bank to cash it. He said "Stick em up an gimme the dough!" so they sent him round to Greggs to see if they could help. And on the way there he met this dog thing called Gromit. Wearing a top hat and no trousers. Kanga says "Ere mate - it's the wrong trousers and they've gone wrong" And Gromit says "Woof!" Kanga didn't think much of this reply and said "No use prevaricating about the bush! I'm off to get me money." So they posed for a photograph and went their way - Kanga looking for the dough and Gromit dreaming of gorgonzola - he's crackers about cheese!

Sammy's day out

Sammy has had a day out - he got a taste for exploring the big wide world when we went on holiday to Dartmouth and he wanted to see it all over again. So Eeyore suggested a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth. Kanga was busy working at Canterbury so Sheraton became navigator for the day. They all got there safely and Eeyore met some donkeys - he also visited the garden for a rest. Sammy was so thrilled he wrapped himself round a fence-post with the big blue sea in the background and thought wonderful thoughts about the big wide world.

Some pictures we took on our trip here.

Canada 2013

Kanga has his suitcase packed
Kanga is busy navigating ALL of the aircraft at Heathrow.
Waiting at the airport

Kanga, Roo, Best Beaver and Captain Beaver went to Canada with Mark. They visited their Aunty Anne. Among the places they visted ared Toronto Zoo, the Donkey Sanctuary at Guelph and the Algonquin National Park. There are lots more photos here.

Kanga, Roo and the Ducks

Kanga looks worried - that duck might eat his tail!

Kanga, Roo and Big Beaver visited a village in Wiltshire called Biddestone. Beaver wouldn't get out of the car because he was cold (the temperature was in the 80s) and he wanted to watch from his place on the dashboard. Kanga and Roo got out and sat on his table while his humans enjoyed a pint of the local landlord's best ale. Then he went to the village pond to meet the ducks. Kanga thought they were OK but worried about their beaks and Roo said they were quackers. They were very fat ducks and Kanga's humans thought about supper!


More pictures on the Photos page.

Manley safe home

Manley arrives in his travel box

Manley has arrived home from his spell in Hertfordshire where he had an operation on his voice box. One weekend in February he travelled through the rain, sleet and snow and spent Sunday night at The Feathers Hotel in Wadesmill before moving on to the hospital where he spent the next few days.


Poor Manley had a flat battery and it made him sound as if he had a sore throat. But Sew Shaw to the rescue. A nice lady called Sarah carried out very complicated surgery to open him up and put a new battery in. And the operation was a big success. He has arrived home with a big booming voice and greets everyone with his cheery "Hi! I'm Manley".


He thanks everyone who sent get well messages through the guestbook and says the biggest THANK YOU ever to Sarah who cared for him so well. The whole family is excited to have him home.

Manley has already joined Mugwump in their bowl.

Moose has new shoes

Moose was so disappointed when Christmas was over. He had elf boots and antler muffs and when twelfth night came he had to take them off. Since then he has been a Moose bereft. So his humans took pity on him and he now has socks for his front feet and boots for the rear. He is now the proudest Moose in the universe and wants everyone to see his new shoes. Please do visit our Guestbook and tell him if you like his new look.

West Bay

West Bay is Kanga's favourite place. He loves going there for day trips - or for longer breaks. In October he found a really nice bungalow where he stayed for a few days. It is called Colston and you can read about it here. If you want a good holiday give it a try. More picture of our holiday to come soon.


Eeyore had a trip to Sidmouth for a day with his donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary - and made friends with one he had not met before. He even has a photograph to prove it. He also got to see Coco who is a most adorable little foal. See a picture of her here.

Cornwall - Summer 2012

We went on Holiday. Some place called Bodmin Moor. Our humans said it would be really good – lots of churches for Wol to explore; donkeys for Eeyore to visit and steam trains for Kanga. And Best Beaver looked forward to a drop of wine each night in a cosy cottage.


Well! It rained all day every day. Eeyore thought he was in his boggy patch at last. We thought we were next to a lake – but this was just the lawn being flooded.


And then there was the car. It died. Not just a little breakdown. Oh no! It was like grandfather’s clock – it stopped dead, never to go again. We thought we would have to walk home. But our humans spent all the holiday money on hiring one to get us home.


Kanga did get to see his steam train. He went to Bodmin Parkway train station and waited. Eventually a puffing billy came trundling in and he navigated it through the Cornwall rain to Bodmin Central and back.


The cottage where we stayed was at Warleggan. They once had a vicar who didn’t get on with the locals and fenced off his garden from them. Our cottage was in that garden and we are sure that he haunted us. Wol went to visit the Church which was next to the garden. There are some pictures of him below this – with Tedz of course.


And Eeyore and a few others of us visited the donkeys at the Tamar Valley Donkey Park. That was good. There are some photos for you to see on the next page. Eeyore was very camera-shy that day but Littlun was photographed and lots of others (even one of our humans!!!)


But on the whole we don’t like Cornwall. Cold and wet. No car. Cut back on our outings. It was enough to drive a beaver to drink!


Tedz has written a poem about it:


I’m not very sure

about this Bodmin Moor

coz if the truth is told

it’s very wet and cold.


We went to see a country park –

a man called Noah was building an ark!

Carrying great timbers through the mud

and getting ready for the flood.


We didn’t go out very far –

something went wrong with the poor old car.

It was just a fault, our humans said,

and then they admitted: the damn things dead!


We went on holiday to explore and roam

but we all were very glad when we got back home.

Now we know that holidays are not much fun

when you’ve got a car that’s broken and you get no sun.

Tedz New Trousers

Tedz is a very shy bear really.


When he lived in his shop in Guelph he wasn’t allowed any clothes. This meant that everyone looked at him and he felt a bit silly. Also it was very cold – it  is nearly always snowing in Ontario! So he asked his new humans for some  clothes.


They tried very hard – he has a nice purple sweater, a hoodie jacket, a Halloween pullover and a red and white tee shirt. But his legs were still as bare as beanpoles. So he sat with his humans and searched for “trousers for Tedz”. And that’s how he found Valewood Bears.


Being a very high-tech Tedz he e mailed Pauline and told her his sorry plight. Then he sat and waited. The postman came – but nothing for Tedz. It was a disaster – almost as big as the day when the buns fell off the tea trolley at the Teddy Bears picnic! Then, last Friday, a big knock at the door. It was the postman – well, post-lady really – with a parcel for Tedz.


His humans fetched the scissors and snipped carefully at the edges (it wouldn’t do if they cut his new trousers in half!) and out came a pair of the reddest woollen trousers you ever did see! And with the woollen trousers was a little red woollen scarf. Tedz wears the all day – and he wears them all night. He is so thrilled. And her wrote a poem for his Aunty Pauline. Here it is:


The post arrived this very day –

to TEDZ the label said;

I knew that they were on the way:

My brand new trousers red.


I very quickly tried them on

(bright red and nicely knitted)
and all my worries have quite gone

(I liked them and they fitted!)

But that’s not all – I have to say
it made me sing and laugh;

in my parcel, tucked away,

was a bright red woollen scarf


Oh happy Tedz, no longer sad,

there’s one thing left to do;

to tell you, Pauline, I am glad
to say a big THANK YOU!


And here are some pictures of Tedz – before and after his trousers arrived!

Chablis and Shiraz

In May we were sad to announce that our garden house rabbits Chablis and Shiraz stopped running in the early hours of Monday 7th May 2012. They were loved, are loved, and will be missed. May they find peace in the eternal warren. These are the last two photographs we took on the afternoon of Sunday 6th May.

Shiraz was a black Lionhead. A very quiet and rather timid rabbit. But it is fairly certain that when Chablis got up to some mischief it was Shiraz who had thought of the idea!

Chablis was a white Lionhead - spirited and always up to something. She loved being admired and was very partial to hand-fed treats.

Winter 2011 - 2012

The family has been on holiday recently. Kanga and Roo took Raccoon and Dog-Dog to Canada. They visited Peterborough, Montreal and Toronto and saw some exciting places.


It was Dog-Dog's first time in Canada - he usually goes to Amsterdam but thought he would like a change. So he went up towers, rode on trains, visited a canal and growled at the cats in Aunty Anne's home. All in all a good time.


Raccoon was more suspicious. He has been to Toronto before and was made to queue for hours to see a musical called "The Hobbit". It was about these things with hairy feet that danced and sang to music with no tune and went on for hours. Since then he has slept a lot!


Then the next holiday was a winter break in Herefordshire. A little village called Brampton Bryan. Everyone went on that holiday and Tommy had his own bed next to a radiator and a window.

There was a pheasant in the garden and Kanga earned a well done every time he saw it.


We went to a wonderful evensong at an Angelus (Wol's name for a Church) called St Laurence in Ludlow and a special trip to the Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre where Wol felt very much at home - he doesn't know why; he is not a bird.


Anyway - here are some new photographs from these holidays including Kanga in the flowers and Wol with some owls (strange hooting creatures) and flying things. Enjoy our holiday snaps.