Teddy Bears, Beavers and the rest - our photos

Have a look at our photo album - the menu is on the left of this page. We are very well travelled. Teddy Bears trips to America, Kange, Roo and Sheraton in Australia, Beavers in Canada,  Austrian Teddy Bears on ski trips, Dod-Dog and Captain in Amsterdam all feature in the round the world section. And, of course, trips to Kanga's much loved West Bay and other bits of Dorset. Not to be left out we have Eeyore's trips to see his donkeys and Wol's many concerts. Enjoy the pictures.

This is our favourite - Kanga meets Kanga. Somewhere in the Australian bush Kanga came across a giant version of himself. That kangaroo looks ready to kiss him. Or should that be eat him?

Just a sample from our photo album