Wol's trips

Wol is really well travelled - Austria, Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. He makes it clear, though, that his travels are about visiting an Angelus (his word for Church), touring cultural buildings and going to concerts. Once his humans took him to a holiday park in Torquay. He said it was like spending a week in a council house - and Wol does not do council houses!


Wol's very latest trip was to Buckingham Palace. This was a birthday treat he shared with Seal and with one of his humans. Wol visited the Palace and Seal went to Covent Garden and Horseguards Parade.


There were fifteen lovely rooms to explore at the palace and nice things to buy and take home. He has a new wrap with a picture in gold of the Palace. He also visited the National Portrait Gallery which was very exciting - though there was one important portrait missing. He will send them a photo next week. Their human also had tea at some posh place - Wol and Seal could not see any point in this but then - humans will be humans! There are some good pictures of this trip below.