Our Australian Holiday 2015

Kanga and Roo, Sheraton, Teds, Captain and Best Beaver have taken their human on holiday. They are staying in Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong. As usual, Kanga is keeping a diary which we will update regularly. Here is his first entry:

Day 1:

Weez arrived. The room iz noice, weer on the 25th floor. We add our own seet on the playen and we had wine. Bit bumpy commin intoo land but a smoov landin. We rest now. K


Day 2:

After de yooman had brekkfast we went splorrin. We went to Boat Key on the subway trayen which wuz good. Tonight we went to the Long bar at Raffles for a Slingapoor sing. Roo enjoyed this. K.


Day 3:

Travelled to Sydney - Weez inn oour room lookin at de view


Day 4:

Wee add a rest this mornin after our flight. Then I gott my travel pass. This afternoon we used to go too Watsons Bay on a fairy then I navvygaited a trayen.  K


Day 6

Weez bin too de Bloo Mowntinns today. I met sum things that were sposed too luuk like me. Bit too frendly for my liking. Tedz gott stuck up a gum tree. We liked the views, we had our phuttygraphs taken and saw three sisters that had bin tuned to stone. After lunch at a pump house we went too de Botannik gardens. K.


Day 7

We went out this morning an saw a big boat that wasn't there yesterday. We also saw an Ibis. This afternoon we went out on the ocean in a catermerange so de yooman could see sum wales. K.


Day 8

Weez bin too de bush today. We stopped for lunch at a small town on the way ware Tedz got putt in de stockz. Sorry Wol. 

We saw Kangaroos, wallabys , wolleroos , a kola an sum wombats (Tedz thought they were wombles). K.


Day 9

Weez bin byzzy today. First we went to the Domain to see the ANZAC memorial then we went on a trayen across the Harbour Bridge which wuz guud. Then we went too Wolli Creek cuz Roo insisted. Then we went too the Botanic Gardens by de arbour ware de yooman fed de cockapoos. K.


Day 10 - our last in Sydney

We started the day wiv a trip too Wooloomooloo becuz Roo likes the name. Then we cawt the fairy too Manly an went too the beech. This evenin we had a last look at the lights at Circular Key. K.


Day 11

We left Syd this morrnin. We had a noice flyte wiv our own seet. Tedz wached a film an I navvygaited.  

Weez in Kong Hong now in a noice room on de 25th flore wiv a view of de arborr. K


Day 12

Weez bin splorinn today we got the star fairy to Tsim Sha Tsui den came back an went on de big weel den dare wuz a funder storm. When we got back too hotel Tedz went for afternoon tee, I fink ee juss tri too impress Wol. K.


Last day of our holiday

We went on a Kanga bus torr today ( hop on hop off ).  We went on the peak trayen to the highest point of Kong Hong then we went to Aberdeen on the cowst. Weez waitin for ower lift to the aeropert now. K.

Pictures: Heathrow to Singapore

Pictures: Sydney

Kanga has been exploring the night life. He found something called Vivid Sydney which is bright and loud. This was fun for Roo who may not be all that bright but is certainly very loud!

Pictures: Hong Kong

Tedz adventures

Tedz is truly a bear about town. He went off to explore Hong Kong - and these are some of his adventures: