Mugwump and Manley

Mugwump is a Ground Hog who has definitely not had his day! But he does have seven names and he likes these to be recited to him daily. They are Mugwump, Honeybun, Floppbott, GroanOgg, Prairie Dog and Marmot. His seventh name is WoodChuck. Some of these names are because he likes them and some are because he wasn't sure what kind of creature he was so he decided to be all of them.


Mugwump's humans found him at a Bison Farm in Wiltshire and he thought about being a Bison. But he soon found he wasn't so he adopted Manley the Musk Ox as his best friend. Manley is from Canada and he can speak - he keeps telling us "Hi - I'm Manley!"


Mugwump and Manley live in a bowl. No-one is sure why they live in a bowl but they like it very much. They sit there looking out at the world like Statler and Waldorf on a bad day. But they are well travelled. And wherever they go there is sure to be a bowl that they can borrow!