Kanga's Gang

Kanga is the navigator. He can read a map upside down (well, he is Australian) and tell his humans where to go. He loves travelling in his car, on trains, boats and planes. The only thing he doesn't do is hop. Never call him Hoppy or Skippy - he gets most offended.


Roo travels in Kanga's pouch. He sings a lot but no-one ever wants to listen. He sings loudly in several keys at once and gets all the words wrong. Roo is especially happy when his humans teach him things which he can then muddle up and get wrong. His special friend is Mr Wopsley's Horse who also gets everything wrong.


Sheraton, on the other hand, is calm and sensible. He loves to navigate helicopters (or, as he calls them, jellychoppers) and once landed one in a field near Yeovil.