Our friends and helpers

On this page we introduce - and give links to - our friends and people who have helped us over the years. Do visit their websites - they might be anle to help you.

Wellfield Bears

wol in dressing gown with tedz Convalescence - watched over by Tedz

A while back Wol was quite unwell - he had a small tear on his waistcoat and his beans were somewhat unsettled. But a few weeks being cared for by Mike and Janice at Wellfield Bears has restored him to good health and humour - and he has put on a bit of healthy weight! Wellfield Bears have an outstanding reputation for the care and restoration of bears and other creatures - and have even been on television! Take a moment to watch them on you tube and catch up with bear care in Cardiff.

Sew Shaw

Poor Manley the Musk Ox had a flat battery and it made him sound as if he had a sore throat. But Sew Shaw to the rescue. A nice lady called Sarah carried out very complicated surgery to open him up and put a new battery in. And the operation was a big success. He has arrived home with a big booming voice and greets everyone with his cheery "Hi! I'm Manley".


Manley was most grateful for his operation and keeps telling the family who he is. So they all reply in chorus "We know who you are!"

Manley the Musk Ox in his box with blanket Manley returns from his operation.

Valewood Bears

miniature red trousers for tedz Tedz New Trousers

Tedz was very despairing about his public appearance. When he first came to live with the family he was happy to be naked. Then he found that wearing a top was good - he became a hoodie for a while and then took to a pullover. But his legs were bare. But much internet searching took him to Valewood Bears where he met Pauline who she knitted him the most beautiful red trousers - and a little red scarf. He is so happy. Valewood Bears have a blogspot for their latest news.

Bramble Bunnies

You may have read in our diary about the sad loss of Cinnamon, Chablis and Shiraz. They were always so happy when they were with us - and especially during their holidays at Bramble Bunnies where they stayed in a holiday cottage and were looked after by Rachel and Neil. Bramble Bunnies is in Faringdon Gurney and is the nicest place any rabbit could have a holiday. The good news is that Nutmeg our family Rabbit is lively and well - and we know where he will be going for his holidays.

The Donkey Sanctuary

eeyore at the donkey sanctuary Eeyore at the sanctuary

Eeyore loves donkeys - no surprise really. So most months his humans take him to visit the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth. He has a collecting box for his pennies and takes them with him on each visit to help with the cost of looking after the donkeys. He would love it if you could send some pennies as well. Eeyore asks if you would please watch this short video which demonstrates the care and love given by the Donkey Sanctuary