Our home

The family relaxing

Our home is very nice. Wol has three radios and prefers to spend the day sitting in his hat. Tedz has a hat as well and sits by Wol. Sometimes, in the summer, we have our hats in the conservatory. In winter they are placed on a radiator to keep us warm. All of us enjoy our home comforts.


But as well as being a place for comfort our home is also a place for friendly get-togethers – some days we all gather in the sitting room but on other days we space out a bit. The young ones have a rave in Mark's bedroom, the birds and bears meet in the music room. Our biggest bear is Tommy and he has recently acquired a smart speaker so that he ac listen to his favourite internet radio stations. Most of our famliy just relax and enjoy the music.

The Family Together

Music and Literature

Bis Beaver loves Scottish culture . . .

Reading books, listening to and making music, marvelling at artwork. Everyone in the family enjoys one or more of these - for Wol it is Classic FM and concerts, for Big Beaver it is ballet.and his "reading kindle". Kanga loves musicals at Roo sings. Then we have Lambkin and the Baa-Baas. They sit in front of a picture of former President Jimmy Carter and his wife and sing to them.

Big Beaver's reading kindle

Big Beaver is the literary member of the family. He enjoys reading his candle - especially about detectives. He knows all there is to know about Peter Diamond and Inspector Banks, about Bob Skinner of Edinburgh and about Sir Baldwin and Simon Puttock in Devon. If there's a mystery to be solved Beaver knows who dunnit! Some of his new favourite detectives include Wesley Peterson from Tradmouth in Devon and Edward Marston's Railway Detective.


He used to get most of his books from Keynsham Library and was decidedly distressed when his bus service to Keynsham was cut by his local council! So his humans bought him a reading Kindle which he enjoys very much.

Our music

Waiting for the music - at Symphony Hall

Wol loves his music. He listens to Classic FM all day. His favourite composer is Elgar. He also likes Benjamin Britten but they don't play enough of his music on Classic FM.


The Tedz Convention like a different kind of music. They enjoy the 1940s Radio Station and sometimes listen to Christmas Radio - even in midsummer! The ravers wattch a channel called MAGIC on Virgin TV. Their humans wonder if it is quite suitable - but they like it!